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Here are highlights of several major client projects we successfully developed, managed and completed.

Situation: Comcast Business only offered services for small business. Opportunity: Generate significant revenue by meeting the needs of mid-market and enterprise organizations with fiber-based services. Actions: 1) Drive awareness and demand with comprehensive targeted campaigns. 2) Train and support sales team with presentations, use cases, case studies and white papers. 3) Develop and host thought leadership webinars. Results: Established Comcast Business in the mid-market.

Situation: A potential buyer of a broadband internet provider asks DH Capital to recommend a resource to quickly conduct a technical evaluation of the provider’s fiber network assets. Opportunity: Ensure the potential buyer has a comprehensive assessment of its potential acquisition. Action: Conduct on-site visit, review documents, determine plant condition, examine plant records, identify hub locations, assess network equipment, evaluate the network operations center and validate network specifications. Result: Present a detailed report to the client’s full satisfaction.

Situation: While engaged with Tier 1 MSOs, Adtran wants to be the preferred vendor for their future FTTH initiatives. Opportunity: Increase Adtran’s relevance in this area by fostering strategic account conversations with new thought leadership content. Action: Deliver a white paper which explains the criteria service providers should use to decide whether to invest in FTTH or Next Generation HFC. Also, use the white paper as the basis for a presentation in person and online. Result: Hundreds of current and prospective customers viewed this content via the white paper, a presentation at Adtran’s Business & Broadband Solutions Summit and a Broadband World News webinar.

Situation: To generate awareness of Adaptive Network vision and accelerate revenue from MSOs, Ciena needs research-based thought leadership assets. Opportunity: Conduct research about MSO network automation needs, drivers, obstacles and timing. Actions: Create questionnaire. Interview 25 executives from 11 MSOs. Produce executive report for client, white paper and present at Light Reading MSO Workshop. Results: Ciena and their clients react very favorably. Ciena views these assets as important in advancing its Adaptive Network vision.

Situation: IDC, a global provider of telecom and technology intelligence services, needs to rapidly collect and analyze information from cable service and technology providers for special reports on the business television market and the media infrastructure market. Opportunity: Turn to cable experts with the knowledge and relationships needed to the research. Action: Design questionnaires. Complete and transcribe 28 in-depth interviews. Result: Broadband Success Partners successfully supported the cable research needs of IDC within tight timeframes.

Situation: Had delivered residential services only over HFC. Not fiber. Opportunity: Assess feasibility of adapting existing resources to deliver FTTH. Action: Trial with 1,000+ new residential units was proposed, budgeted, designed and built. Result: Company was able to use DPoE (DOCSIS Provisioning of EPON) with existing back-office systems. Plus, have technicians ready for future GPON deployments.

Situation: Infinera introduces an Auto-Lambda auto-tune technology to rapidly and cost-effectively support WDM-based optical access expansion in fiber-deep network architectures. Opportunity: With an independent expert assessment of this innovation, Infinera can further convince prospective MSO customers of its value and stimulate purchase. Action: Develop and deliver a white paper which explains exactly how and why Auto-Lambda should be attractive to MSOs. Result: White paper helps drive MSO awareness, interest and demand for Infinera’s Auto-Lambda product line.

Situation: Sprint only delivered wireline services. Opportunity: Establish Sprint as the superior wireless provider in the New York metro area. Action: Generate demand across the market and in key local segments such as Hispanic consumers, young adults, and commuters. Results: Achieved 21% share of all new wireless service purchases within first year.

Lightpath Situation: Customers demanded Metro Ethernet services. Deliver this by efficiently using limited fiber access resources. Opportunity: Provide direct access to these services while also supporting T1 services over the new network. Action: Adapt unique platform. Execute circuit design and deployment in record time. Result: Thousands of new buildings added to Lightpath network while using only two fibers per multi-node Metro Ethernet ring.

Situation: Leading technical publication for the Cable and Fiber Services Industry. Opportunity: Write articles streaming video piracy and on broadband voice services. Action: Published article entitled “The Sky is Falling” on the growing threat of streaming video piracy (2019). Published five columns: Alarming Opportunities; SIP Peering; Wideband Voice; IMS – the next Sonet?, and Cable Telephony: The Burden of Success (2001-2003). Result: Articles were very favorably received by colleagues.