Founded in 2017 by former cable executives Jack Burton and David Strauss, Broadband Success Partners is a leading technical advisor in the digital infrastructure M&A sector. Private equity firms, infrastructure funds and service providers rely on Broadband Success Partners to fully evaluate the quality and future readiness of networks. In addition, the validity and economics of build plans are assessed.

From fiber and coax networks in dense urban areas to copper and fixed wireless networks in sparse rural areas, Broadband Success Partners has conducted red flag assessments and on-site inspections of a wide range of systems across the United States and around the world. This encompasses long-haul, middle-mile and last-mile networks.

Broadband Success Partners Clients

We were the technical advisor to the winning bidder on these opportunities:

Client satisfaction is very high. The net promoter score for Broadband Success Partners is 89%. This is a measure of client likelihood to recommend. The reasons why include:

  • “Quality of senior talent”
  • “Attention to detail on cost elements”
  • “Responsive and thoughtful”
  • “A+ work for a reasonable price”

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