Randy Kinsey, Jack Burton, David Strauss and Jay Rolls (L to R)

Jack Burton and David Strauss founded Broadband Success Partners in 2017. In 2021, Jay Rolls joined us and is the Chief Technology Officer. In 2022, Randy Kinsey joined us as Senior Advisor.

Specializing in broadband access networks, Jack Burton has a wide range of technical expertise across a diverse range of telecommunications technologies. Jack held senior engineering positions at Altice, Cablevision, and Lightpath. He has also worked at Viacom/MTV Networks, Tribune/United Cable and Warner Amex Cable. Mr. Burton was Chairman of the CableLabs PacketCable Certification Board from 2011 to 2017. He authored a quarterly column for Broadband Library magazine.

David Strauss has a proven track record launching and growing B2B telecommunications and technology businesses. Mr. Strauss held senior marketing positions at Lightpath, IBM, Sprint and AT&T. At Juniper Networks, he was the cable business development leader and a Comcast account manager. Mr. Strauss had a long-term consulting engagement at Comcast Business – having designed and executed the original go-to-market plan for their Metro Ethernet services.

Jay Rolls was the SVP & Chief Technology Officer of Charter Communications from 2011 to 2019. Previously, Mr. Rolls served in a variety of roles during 13 years at Cox Communications including SVP of Technology. He was also an executive at Excite@Home, Pacific Broadband, Alcatel and BBN (now part of Level3/Lumen). Mr. Rolls brings over 25 years of telecom experience to each client engagement. His arrival at Broadband Success Partners was announced here: Industry vet Jay Rolls drops in on telecom’s surging M&A wave.

Randy Kinsey is a Senior Advisor at Broadband Success Partners. Mr. Kinsey brings over 23 years of telecom experience, most recently as the VP of Advanced Engineering with Point Broadband. He was the Group VP of Network Engineering & Architecture at Charter Communications. He started his telecom journey at Cox Communications as Executive Director of Networking Engineering & Architecture.

Mike Giobbi is the newest Senior Advisor at Broadband Success Partners. Until recently, Mr. Giobbi was the CTO of Armstrong Cable, an FTTH trail blazer and the 11th largest US cable company. He was promoted to CTO in 2006 following seven years as the VP of New Technologies. Previously, Mr. Giobbi was System Integration Engineer and a Systems Maintenance Technician – having started his Armstrong career in 1977. Mr. Giobbi has experience in building networks via Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). He used CAF2, RDOF and ACAM funds to construct systems in several states. To learn more about Mr. Giobbi’s PPP background and guidance for State Broadband Offices, please click here.

For certain engagements, Broadband Success Partners will add an expert with deep knowledge and experience in a different area. For example, an OSS/BSS expert has contributed to projects.

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