Introducing Data Center Technical Due Diligence from Broadband Success Partners.
As the leading M&A digital infrastructure technical advisor, we’re ready to support
investors bidding on data center assets, seeking new funding, or preparing to exit.

Why is technical due diligence on data centers important?

Our Experience

Having completed over 85 projects for over 55 clients, BSP has considerable data center connectivity experience. As former operators, we also have experience as colocation hosts and tenants.

Randy Kinsey led the design, build and operation of Charter Communications’ 100,000 square foot engineering facility with
a 25,000 square foot data center.

Misty Duckworth led the operations and maintenance of financial services and telecom data centers. She authored Data Center Access Agreements and Operating Policies.

Our Approach

Phase 1 of a data center tech dd starts
with over 50 questions in these areas:

  • Physical Facility
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Cooling / HVAC Infrastructure
  • Fire Suppression
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Data Center Operations

Phase 2 is the onsite confirmation stage.
Deliverables: Reports citing any problems and corrective steps
Duration: 2 to 4 weeks for each phase