While January 1, 1983 is considered the day the Internet was born, the gestation period started much earlier. Bob Metcalf, the Ethernet’s founding father, helped pioneer the Internet starting in 1970 – fifty years ago! While working at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Mr. Metcalfe delivered a memo outlining how to connect the think tank’s new personal computers to a shared printer. The memo put forth the basic properties of — and named — Ethernet. What started as a memo and a rough schematic has evolved into a proven industry standard and opened the doors for an entirely new breed of network – carrier-class Ethernet.

Enterprises’ reliance on bandwidth-hungry video conferencing, messaging applications, VoIP, e-mail, ERP, CRM and BI, continues to grow significantly – further fueled by the pandemic. The need for network security, speed and storage has never been greater. This is where Carrier Ethernet comes in. Carrier Ethernet can handle bandwidth speeds of 10mbps through 10gbps, ensuring the network can handle whatever bandwidth needs enterprises can throw at it — now and in the future.

Additionally, carrier-class Ethernet networks have turned capacity and security headaches into predictability and business value. An added layer of intelligence provides packet prioritization to a self-healing architecture to business applications that provide real business value versus commodity pipes.

So we say, thank you to Mr. Metcalfe for establishing the foundation for what has become the intelligent choice and ideal technology for enterprise networks.